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About Us

Since 2023, Crockett Meat Co. has become the most renowned Caterer in San Francisco. Rooted in creativity and famous for flawless execution, Crockett Meat Co. presents unparalleled tastes and haute cuisine worthy of the most distinguished palates.

We cater events ranging from romantic and intimate to festive and fabulous. Our calendar fills up quickly, so kindly speak with us early in the planning process to ensure availability.

Ready to Serve
Raspberry Pie
Preparing Eggplant
Mini Hamburgers
Main Course Gourmet Meal
Layered Blueberry Dessert
Healthy Diet
Fruit Pie
Food Preparation
Baking Pastry
Roast Turkey
Stuffed Avocado
Homemade Hummus
Woman Artist
Young Woman with Curly Hair
Smiling Man with Glasses

Kris Ward

Executive Chef

Alex Smith

General Manager

Max Johnson


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